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Agile Leadership
We help your leadership team determine which Agile practices are right for your company or program, and provide guidance to your leadership team as they implement these practices. At a leadership level these practices include Agile Portfolio Management, Agile Program Leadership, Solution Anthropology, and Agile Metrics. We find that implementing these practices is at least as important as implementing the team level practices.
Agile for Teams
We work with you to determine the best team level Agile practices for your company, program, or project. We can also provide a coaching team that works daily and directly with Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Team Members.
Peer Mentoring
In collaboration with Leigh St. John and Thomas Meloche we show you how a continuous improvement program will help your company stay competitive and work with you to design a Peer Mentoring program for your company. Click Here for more details of this program.