Our educational programs include Agile Essentials for Executives, Peer Mentoring for Continuous Improvement, Solution Anthropology, Agile Metrics, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Enterprise and Software Architecture, and Design Patterns. Click on the Classes link from the menu for more details.


Our consultants are experienced professionals with both breadth and depth of experience. When you hire us, you are not getting new college graduates, you are getting seasoned professionals who have "been there, done that"; people who take a pragmatic approach when mentoring your company through a Business Transformation. Click on the Consulting Services link for more information.


Founded in 1997, Wyyzzk, Inc. has helped many companies in the Fortune 100 adopt new practices for software development, project management, and program management. We focus on Agile management practices because we know they get results. But we are not "Agile purists"! Rather we discover the best combination of practices to help you meet your business transformation goals. Click on About in the menu to learn more about what we believe as a company.